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SMARTS Fee Reduction Scholarship Program


This program is based solely on financial need. Please apply with discretion. 

SMARTS is committed to creating greater access for more families. The scholarship program aims to reduce the fee, while requesting that the family pay for the remainder of the tuition. Through this program, we are able to share the resources throughout the communities that we serve.​


To complete the scholarship application online please see below.

To download the scholarship application and mail click here.

If documents are requested send to

SMARTS Scholarship Committee, PO Box 356, Attleboro, MA  02703

All information provided is strictly confidential.


For summer applicants only:

*Information cannot be processed until ALL documents have been received.*

1.) Program registration & fee 2.) Scholarship application 3.) Verification of income document/s

$30 registration fee MUST be paid before information can be processed.

Summer applications must include at least one form of verification of income.

Current year's federal tax return (form 1040 pg 1&2, 1040EZ) is best.

A big thanks for scholarship support:

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