Middle School Art Exhibit



The SMARTS Middle School Art Exhibit, established in 1992, brings attention to the quality of artwork created by middle school children from SMARTS school districts (Attleboro, Dighton, Mansfield, Rehoboth, MA). The exhibit also provides an opportunity for middle school visual arts teachers to network and see what their colleagues in other schools are doing with their students. 


The exhibit is created with up to 300 pieces of student artwork and displayed at a museum or college/university for two weeks with an opening reception for students, parents, teachers and community. 

The 2021 exhibit is virtual! We are excited to share this wonderful student work with you. 

There are two ways to view the gallery, a video and PDF. We suggest viewing the video first to get the full experience

then view the PDF to zoom in on the artwork. Enjoy! 



The Middle School Art Exhibit is supported in part by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, and Local Cultural Councils of Attleboro, Dighton, and Mansfield. 

Past Middle School Art Exhibits