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Job Opportunities 

2023 Arts Assistant Job Openings

     Students grades 10-12


SMARTS Summer Institute 

July 5-28, 2023 M-F 

8:15-3:45 PM 

Brennan Middle School, Attleboro, MA



SMARTS seeks high school students grades 10-12 with an interest and some experience in at least one of the arts disciplines as well as an interest in working with young children, ages 5-13. Assistants will set up and clean up supplies, prep materials, help students one on one with projects, and various other tasks as needed. If you like working with young children, interested in the arts, self-directed, responsible and on time, then this job is for and busy!


Write a letter of interest to SMARTS Include a description of your arts interests and experiences as well as any experiences you have had working with young children. We offer a stipend, hands-on experience, recommendation letters and community service hours.

BEFORE applying, check out the SMARTS website and facebook page! 

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