Virtual SMARTS Expectations & Participation Agreement

Virtual SMARTS is a safe, fun, social community where everyone feels welcome. Teachers and students will create meaningful, interactive, new and fun experiences as they engage in hands-on dance/movement, drama, percussion and visual arts activities in a relaxed environment. To ensure this, all members of our community agree to follow these guidelines…


  • Have access to a computer (PC, Mac), tablet, or Chromebook to access our online ZOOM virtual program. You will be emailed one ZOOM link that you will use every day to join the Zoom room. 


During class time, students may need to use a keyboard and/or mouse but most of the classes, especially with the younger children, will be in real-time on the screen as follow along. Using the follow-the-leader method, teachers will demonstrate the activity and then children will have the opportunity to create their own work, movement, design, artwork, or project.


*Younger children will need parent/guardian assistance to log on and to follow a teacher’s instructions. As much as possible however, please allow your child to participate on their own without parental involvement.


  • Access to two types of work spaces are needed…a hard surface for visual arts and floor space for drama, movement and percussion. These spaces do not have to be large areas. A plastic tablecloth on the floor to designate a space is a suggestion. Your child can sit on the floor for visual arts and use a large book as a hard surface. Drama, movement and percussion can also take place on the table cloth. For consistency, we highly recommend establishing the same SMARTS area/s every day, if possible.


  • Access to materials: we will provide each student with a bag of art materials. Recycled materials from around the house will be suggested as projects are announced.


  • Be on time for all classes. If your child is ill and/or unable to participate online, please email SMARTS (


Class structure and behavior.

The teacher is always the main moderator and leader of the class.  


Follow all instructions they give (including, but not limited to, muting or activating your microphone or video, how to participate, etc.)


During snack time, SMARTS staff will be in control of the virtual Zoom rooms and children will not be left unattended. Children are welcome to have snack together in the room or can turn off their video and come back when the second class begins.

We expect everyone to be friendly toward others and mindful of others’ feelings, be respectful of others creations and engage in respectful communication.


Never remove, mute, or modify another individual’s attendance in a virtual meeting.  (Again, follow explicit instructions from the teacher.)


Do not modify your appearance, the background, or screenshot the appearance of others.  It distracts from the class and is unhelpful to learning. 

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